Why Should You Vacation in Montana?

March 27, 2018 | by rainapratt | Vacation

The wide open spaces of Montana beckon to the daring adventurer. It is full of towering mountains, expansive fields, and stunning vistas. It is the ideal place to nurture and refresh your soul. Enjoy Montana offers a wide array of vacation homes that suit all needs and offer varying degrees of relaxation and amenities. Whatever brings you to the beautiful frontier, make sure you find the perfect location to enjoy every moment.

montanaNational Parks

Montana is home to many national parks, charming communities, and delightful wonders. The ringing rocks, just outside of Butte, bring a throng of delightful visitors each year. Their unique formation allows for remarkable chimes to ring out whenever they are struck by a small mallet. It is sure to enchant the smallest child to the most hardened adult. If even one boulder is removed, the music will disappear.

With a gateway to Yellowstone, many visitors choose to make their way through the Big Sky state to enjoy the year-round entrance. It is located in Gardiner, an old west town that will thrill with its rustic charm and roaming wildlife. The perfect Instagram moment is waiting in the shadows of the historic Roosevelt Arch. Take a moment to raft the Yellowstone River or sit in the Boiling River. With so many adventures waiting, it may be hard to choose where to spend all of your time.


Bozeman, MT hosts the Museum of the Rockies, which houses an impressive array of dinosaur skeletons, eggs, and realistic models. Families who are making their way across the state will want to be sure to spend some time experiencing the vast history housed in the extension of the Smithsonian Institute. The downtown area of the community is full of historic experiences, alluring shops, and delicious restaurants.

A Montana Vacation

There are many great wonders to explore in such a vast state. Montana is full of history, battlefields, rock formations, glacier trails, lakes, (see our lakefront home rentals) and even the occasional grizzly bear. It is an untamed land, complete with incredible opportunities, and memories waiting to be enjoyed. Winter is still holding strong, and ski parks, snowmobiling, and ice skating are bringing many visitors to the wonderland. Soon spring will begin to break through, and the sky will brighten. For now, families are curled beneath warm blankets, sipping hot cocoa and watching the beautiful snow fall soft on the frozen lake.

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