Vacationing In Montana: Outdoor Explorations

August 24, 2017 | by rainapratt | Vacation

hiking spot in MontanaGlacier National Park beckons a plethora of visitors every year. With activities for every season, there is always something to do or an adventure waiting to be had. As summer winds down and families return to school, there are still a great many looking to take advantage of the natural wonders filling the valley. A popular family excursion is to hike the St. Mary Falls trail. It is a wonderful reminder to visitors of how much beauty surrounds the local area.

The trail is about two miles round trip, not too hard for most families, even those with younger children. For those who can’t get enough of the natural beauty, they can explore a little further and catch sight of cascading waters over mountainsides or the more impressive Virginia Falls and Baring Falls. That journey is a bit more intimidating and about five and a half miles round trip. In the summer months, it can become very congested, with many coming to see the multiple falls and to enjoy the stunning mountain vistas. It’s best to arrive early or take the shuttle from either Sun Point or Rising Sun.

There is something that resonates in the spirit when you stand in front of an impressive veil of water coursing into the flooding waters below. It may be the myriad of sounds and tone heard in the roar or the power of the river as it rushes over the rocky edge. It is worth experiencing, taking a moment to reflect on the seasons of nature as it abounds in beauty. St. Mary Falls is a staggering three tiered descent of water. However, the first two drops are the most stunning. Be sure to capture a photo of the scene to share with your family or friends back home.

montana lakeIt is moments like this that remind our guests of what a privilege it is to be on holiday in this astounding valley. Children run down the trail finding sticks that become swords, searching for wild huckleberries, or collecting treasures and rocks for souvenirs of their travels. The whole family can escape technology and band together to explore a vast and wildland. Stories are shared, imaginations run wild and together loved ones stare, as nature reveals her glory and they can appreciate and value all that this land offers.

The summer heat still clings to Montana in August. The nights are cool, and if you venture to hike around the falls, you’ll enjoy the cooler temperatures. Thunderstorms and snow are always a possibility given the unpredictable nature of Glacier National Park. The light still filters bright through the trees, and while summer fades, there is still the enjoyment of the many experiences that abound during the season.

Sojourners walk through the trees, admire the waterfalls, and play games to see who will be the first to spot the next cascade. Then they return, weary to their vacation rental; where a fire will be made in an outdoor pit, marshmallows eagerly pushed onto sticks, and while the sparks vie with the stars, they recant their tales of wonder. This is summer in Montana, filled with exploration, rest, and adventure.

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