Explore Flathead Valley’s Lake Houses in Montana

September 28, 2017 | by rainapratt | Lakeside Home Vacation

Lake HomesThe lake laps soft against the shore. The gentle swell of waves pass over speckled rocks, and if you stand quietly by, you can see schools of fish darting between the pebbles. With so much to do the waters are usually filled with boats, canoes, families swimming, but in the fall a little bit of magic happens. The cool weather brings visitors dressed in warm jackets and shoes built for walking. The trees display their brilliant colors of red, orange, and gold. The air is perfumed with the fragrance of sweet rain and the heady scent of wet bark. It’s the perfect time to explore the enchanting communities that fill the Flathead Valley.

Experience our fascinating lake houses that invite you to delight in the full luxury of the glacial waters surrounded by mountains and valleys. When you wake in the quiet morning, you get to step outside to the fog resting softly against the cool surface, creating a delightful display of smoke and reflection. Listen to the calls of the birds as they whistle and dip low to catch their breakfast. Stand still with the warmth of your coffee, while a family of deer steps gingerly across the wet grass to quench their thirst. When you stay in one of our well-crafted properties, you invite the delight of nature to play on the landscape before you.

True luxury exists in more than money can buy. It is fleeting moments that require your attention to become a memory. Fill your dreams with the delight of soft moonlight as it casts its glow against a glistening lake. Sit by the warmth of a fire pit while listening to the symphony of sounds played around you. Watch the stars sparkle their welcome, while you refresh your soul in one of our fantastic lake homes. It’s an invitation to the whispers of fancy that struggle to be revealed in words, but fill up the empty places with warmth and joy.

front yard of a lake home rentalPaddle a canoe around the lake. Discover osprey nests and the stream of light through the trees. With the cooler weather, there are not as many boaters or traffic to congest the still waters. Set your paddle in the calm surface and glide quietly to explore the local wildlife or discover a secret cove. Bring a picnic and snack on the soft grass under a canopy of evergreens. Montana invites you to partake in the wealth that its untouched frontier offers. It calls to the spirit of the wanderer inviting them to find rest in the unsurpassed scenery.

When you return to the sloping grasses or rocky steps of one of our properties, you’ll find every convenience available. Build a connection with those you value in an environment that encourages depth and reinforces relationship. Step outside of a world filled with schedules, demands, and social media. Remind yourself that your life is worth living and every moment is an invitation to treasure.

In our fabulous lake houses, you get to choose your experience. Whether it is a multi housed compound with a pier that disappears into the abyss of shining waters or a high-rise condominium that invites a glass of wine while the waves sparkle beneath your view. There are many different options available in our lake homes, but whatever house you choose, you’ll enjoy every morning to the quiet whisper of waves dancing softly against the shoreline.

This is Montana and it is calling to you.


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