ONE VALLEY – Many Communities

The beautiful Flathead Valley is Nestled in the northwest corner of Montana. The Flathead Valley lies between Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Flathead Lake sits in the south end of the valley with the North, East and South sides of the valley protected by mountain ranges. This protection is part of what keeps the Flathead’s climate surprisingly mild for an area this far north. This means no matter the season its alway a good time of year to recreate.

One of the charming qualities of the Flathead Valley are the unique communities. We have highlighted 5 of the main towns here.



BIGFORK – Step Into Luxury

This unique vacation destination is perfect for those who want to enjoy the arts, theater, a round of golf, fine dining, and carefully appointed boutique shops.  It nestles on a bay connecting to Flathead Lake and is filled with charm and ambiance.  Focused on beauty, nature, and enchanting the senses, Bigfork is your destination to fully embrace a dream vacation.  Spend a day on the lake then relax in one of their five-star restaurants.  Everything is at your fingertips.  Stroll the quaint streets, sip a glass of wine, discover a well-crafted trinket.  Enjoy all that this area has to offer in one of our fabulous homes.  Whether you’re looking for staggering views or a warm fire to curl up next to, we have it all in our property listings.  Plan your adventure today.



COLUMBIA FALLS – The Gateway to Glacier

This charming town sits as a guardian to the majestic Glacier National Park. Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir crowns the valley and offers a quiet reprieve to over-active lakes and rivers. Enjoy water sports, hiking, golf, horseback riding, and exploring the vast surrounds of this beautiful area. Heritage Days in July is a fun filled event for the whole family. Reminisce of simpler times while you munch on sweet huckleberries and shop the local artisan booths. Peruse our home listings and find the perfect reprieve just minutes from this delightful locale.



LAKESIDE – A Delightful Reprieve

This idyllic community is nestled next to Flathead Lake. Whether you came to enjoy the water or take your turn on the slopes at Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, it is perfectly suited for you to lose yourself in nature. Our property rentals are fully serviced for whichever style of holiday you want to enjoy. Lakeside is located just south of Kalispell and is the ideal backdrop for you to rest between activities. Discover all that is waiting for you in one of Enjoy Montana’s fully furnished homes.



KALISPELL – Central To All Of Your Adventures

A wide opened community that services all of the Flathead Valley, Kalispell is your place to find any forgotten necessities. It is a short drive to many of the resort towns and spectacular amenities that make Montana such a wonderful place to visit. Enjoy the simple pleasures of stocking up on supplies while you breathe the clean air and feel the refreshment of an area that prides itself on safety and kindness. Explore all that Kalispell has to offer, from the Conrad Mansion, museums, a beautiful downtown shopping area, parks, and festivals. You will enjoy a great deal of fun in this robust and thriving center. Discover our beautiful properties that put you close to everything this town has to provide, while all the exploration you can imagine is just a short drive.



WHITEFISH – A Timeless Classic With Every Amenity

Lose yourself in the beauty and charm of this delightful village. Wander through picturesque shops and savor the warmth and comfort of a well-crafted meal in their excellent bistros. Whether you come to experience the thrill of their ski resorts or to careen wildly down the mountain on a bike or zip line, this is the perfect place to begin your adventure. Whitefish prides itself on their artistic endeavors and it permeates every part of this community. Browse our fabulous properties and discover how Enjoy Montana can fully service your adventure.