Why Should You Vacation in Montana?

The wide open spaces of Montana beckon to the daring adventurer. It is full of towering mountains, expansive fields, and stunning vistas. It is the ideal place to nurture and refresh your soul. Enjoy Montana offers a wide array of vacation homes that suit all needs and offer varying degrees of relaxation and amenities. Whatever brings you to the beautiful frontier, make sure you find the perfect location to enjoy every moment.

montanaNational Parks

Montana is home to many national parks, charming communities, and delightful wonders. The ringing rocks, just outside of Butte, bring a throng of delightful visitors each year. Their unique formation allows for remarkable chimes to ring out whenever they are struck by a small mallet. It is sure to enchant the smallest child to the most hardened adult. If even one boulder is removed, the music will disappear.

With a gateway to Yellowstone, many visitors choose to make their way through the Big Sky state to enjoy the year-round entrance. It is located in Gardiner, an old west town that will thrill with its rustic charm and roaming wildlife. The perfect Instagram moment is waiting in the shadows of the historic Roosevelt Arch. Take a moment to raft the Yellowstone River or sit in the Boiling River. With so many adventures waiting, it may be hard to choose where to spend all of your time.


Bozeman, MT hosts the Museum of the Rockies, which houses an impressive array of dinosaur skeletons, eggs, and realistic models. Families who are making their way across the state will want to be sure to spend some time experiencing the vast history housed in the extension of the Smithsonian Institute. The downtown area of the community is full of historic experiences, alluring shops, and delicious restaurants.

A Montana Vacation

There are many great wonders to explore in such a vast state. Montana is full of history, battlefields, rock formations, glacier trails, lakes, (see our lakefront home rentals) and even the occasional grizzly bear. It is an untamed land, complete with incredible opportunities, and memories waiting to be enjoyed. Winter is still holding strong, and ski parks, snowmobiling, and ice skating are bringing many visitors to the wonderland. Soon spring will begin to break through, and the sky will brighten. For now, families are curled beneath warm blankets, sipping hot cocoa and watching the beautiful snow fall soft on the frozen lake.

Montana: A Perfect Romantic Vacation Getaway

Glacier Mountain and lakeThe sweet delight of romance is in the air this month in Montana. With temperatures dropping well below freezing and the joyful expectation of snowfall abounding, many are finding that they prefer to curl up in front of a warm fire, rather than embrace the elements.

With a lot of our Montana vacation rentals featuring fireplaces and tall windows, it’s an excellent excuse to take your sweetheart out of their usual routine, for a romantic evening together. Picture a spread of delicious food on a blanket in front of a window framing the soft flakes falling gently to the ground. Sip wine while you curl up on the couch or read in the comfort of a whirlpool tub. With so many amenities to choose from, your options are limitless when it comes to our perfectly appointed properties.

If you want to experience the ideal downtown area, perfect for falling in love, then Whitefish is an absolute must. The Railway district and Central Avenue are full of locally owned shops selling delightful wares, perfect for any occasion. Pick up some lotions and fancy soaps at Remedies Day Spa.

If you are looking for the absolute perfect present for a special someone on your list, then the Toggery is a must stop. Full of artisan wares and beautifully crafted jewelry, you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

Since this month is all about chocolate, it’s a great excuse to visit the Copperleaf Chocolat Company. They make their delightful truffles and fudge by hand, which adds to the flavor and experience.

If you want to woo your loved one over a heavenly meal, then Abruzzo Italian is the place to enjoy a comforting meal in a stunning atmosphere. Fall in love while sipping a glass of champagne and dipping your bread in their incredible sauce. Beautiful stores, inviting cafes, and welcoming people are everywhere in Montana.

A Romantic Vacation in Montana

Invigorate your winter with a visit to one of the most enchanting places on earth, especially on Valentine’s Day. There are few places left with such a dedication to the land and to mankind as Montana. One of the last frontiers, it abounds with wild beauty and luxurious amenities. All of our properties at Enjoy Montana are especially suited for your relaxation. Come, make memories, fall in love, and find your joy in the snow-covered wonderland.

Winter Vacation in Montana

Montana mountainWinter has taken hold of the Flathead Valley. With the forecast calling for more snow, we are thrilled with the wonder of beauty that surrounds us. Each of the Enjoy Montana vacation rentals are ready and waiting with soft beds and fires begging to be lit. Escape to the slopes of the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, glide across the ice at the Woodland Ice Center in Kalispell, or trek into the adventure of Glacier National Park. After spending a day in various sporting activities, you will need a hearty meal to fill you up and get you ready for more fun. The Flathead Valley hosts a handful of excellent breweries that are sure to excite your whole family.

Discover the Flathead Valley Brewing Co. in Bigfork. Enjoy a pint of their delicious beer on tap or dive into a plate of nachos. Featuring dark woods, clean lines, and bright colors, it’s a perfect reprieve from the frosty air. Their focus is on locally farmed, sustainable foods that are as good for your body as they are enjoyable to consume. They are committed to using the highest quality ingredients and creating an environment that is efficient and appealing. The Bluff Charge Oatmeal Pale Ale is a favorite and recently received the silver medal at the 2017 Beer and Gear Festival.

Kalispell Brewing Company is a craft brewery that focuses on German-style lagers. Serving unfiltered beer, they keep all of the flavors in the brew. Passionate about brewing the best beer, they feature a local tasting room in Kalispell that allows you to experience the high quality and distinct attributes of their product. It’s a great break between all of your fun activities and allows you to bring a six pack back to your Enjoy Montana vacation rental and serve with a fabulous home-cooked meal.

road in MontanaThe Great Northern Brewing Co. in Whitefish is the best way to end a day of skiing. With their industrial modern atmosphere and ten of their beers on tap, you’ll want to settle in for an evening of refreshment. They feature a menu of enticing food that is sure to delight the pickiest of eaters. There is something wonderful about playing hard and then recharging with a pint in hand. Boasting that they have the best views in Whitefish, you’ll have to come check out their location and try some of their award-winning beers.

Vacationing in Flathead Valley: Things To Do

Flathead Valley vacation spotThe sparkle of the holidays has faded into the refreshing beauty of a New Year. Decorations have been placed in storage and most families are finally free of the craziness of a fun-filled season. Each year there is a special nostalgia about reflection and dreaming. Looking back on the successes and trials of past adventures and planning and scheming new ways to explore. Whatever your plans are for this next year, Enjoy Montana has a delightful escape ready and waiting for you with our exclusive vacation rentals. With temperatures dropping below freezing, we are enjoying the enchantment of fat snowflakes gently covering the ground. Discover how our luxury properties are the best way to appreciate the winter wonderland. With tall windows and stone fireplaces, you can slip into the beauty of the wild outdoors without leaving the comfort of your retreat.

Now that the list of to-dos has been put away and the expectations of others have been met, it’s a great time to run away with some of your favorite people. Get back to old-fashioned fun and play chase through a snow-covered meadow, glide on ice skates across a frozen pond, or collapse in a pile of fresh powder and perfect your snow angels. Families come alive and create new bonds as they play in the frigid landscape of wholesome thrills. Gather up your loved ones and invest in the connection that holds you all together.


Whitefish is the perfect destination for those looking to realize the pleasures of one of the countries very best ski resorts. With 105 runs, 14 lifts, and five terrain parks; the options are limitless for your family. Spend your days playing hard on the mountain, then wander into the enchanting hamlet and partake of the delicious restaurants that cater to hungry adventurers. With the mountains rising in the distance, tall pine trees, and picturesque storefronts; the entire town is waiting to play backdrop to your favorite photos and memories.

Glacier National Park

Despite being closed to through traffic during the winter season, Glacier National Park is where the heart of bravery is discovered. With the snow-covered trails, the winter berries bringing a touch of color to the barren landscape, the sound of flowing water, and the prints of wildlife falling deep into the powder; the explorer will delight in the inspiration of so vast a wilderness. Take a guided snowshoe tour with the knowledgeable park rangers. It’s a great way for the whole family to enjoy the sweeping beauty and expansive valley.

Dog Sled Adventures

If you have a child who is obsessed with animals, is determined to win the next Iditarod race, or simply wants to throw their arms around a husky, then you need to check out Dog Sled Adventures. Tucking guests into warm quilts, their mushers take you on an exploration of the backcountry. Carving through the scenic Stillwater State Forest, the open air allows for rare sightings of wildlife, natural beauty, and the rush of a fast-moving sled. It’s sure to be a favorite adventure for everyone in your group.

Flathead Valley Vacation Rentals

With all of the exciting opportunities waiting for you in the Flathead Valley, you’ll appreciate the warmth of our beautiful vacation rentals. There is no better reward for playing hard than a roaring fire, warm mugs of rich hot chocolate, and the glistening of light across a snow-covered hillside. Take part in the momentous memories of childhood and play in the magic of winter.

A Vacation for the New Year

The season of merry and bright is coming to an end. Trees will be taken down, ornaments and lights stored for the next year. As the Flathead Valley enjoys its last few days of holiday wonder, each special hamlet has a delightful opportunity to ring in the New Year. From extraordinary dinners to masquerade galas, there is something for everyone. Enjoy Montana has perfectly curated properties available if you want to take part in a last minute celebration with your friends and family in one of our charming vacation rentals. If you prefer to stay close to one of the exciting events taking place in the area, we have a myriad of homes spread across the valley to suit your needs.

Woman celebrating New Year's vacation with a sparkler

The New Years Eve Rail Jam in Whitefish is a longstanding community favorite. Full of sparkling lights, a torch parade, and fireworks. It is sure to thrill and delight. A local favorite, Casey’s will be hosting LA-based DJ Spryte for an exciting music filled bash. For those longing to stay out of the cold, it will be an exciting way to welcome 2018.

Somers restaurant, Dels is filling their last day of 2017 with a mouthwatering menu, karaoke, champagne, and lots of cheer.

Columbia Falls, Eagle Club will ring in the New Year with a Winter Dance. Bring your fancy shoes and be ready to sparkle the night away.

Bigfork is a long-standing favorite for its fun-filled activities. Marina Cay Resort will host a mysterious masquerade party. With live music, hors-d’oeuvres, and champagne it is sure to be a blast.

If you want to start your celebration early, then Whistling Andy Distilling’s Pre-party is the perfect place to begin.

Whichever event you choose to enjoy, you’re sure to be surrounded by big-hearted folks full of adventurous fun. The community in the Flathead Valley is always ready to partake in good-natured amusements and experience the complete joy of living in such a beautiful frontier. Each town will host a magical celebration with its own unique flair. Regardless of how you choose to usher in the New Year, whether celebrating with close friends, out on the town or quietly in front of a blazing fire; we wish you the very best in 2018. May your year be bright, your hearts full, and your adventures ever onward.

Vacation Rentals in the Holiday Season

cabin in MontanaThe skies are turning grey, the air is colder, but Montana is full of warmth, hospitality, and joy this holiday season. There are many beautiful towns that fill the Flathead Valley, anchored by Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park. Just a short drive separates them, but each community offers a unique glimpse into the Montana way of living. Which is why we have so many homes scattered around the valley. From our refreshing lakeside dwellings to our cozy cabins and unsurpassed luxury retreats we offer something for everyone wanting to explore all the different sides that the valley has to offer. Enjoy Montana has ensured that every property is prepared for the colder temperatures that the winter weather brings, we want your stay to be delightful and full of memories.

With our lovely neighborhoods decorated in their holiday finery and the jingle of bells outside of storefronts, it’s a wonderful time to partake in the festivities. From ice skating to snowmobiling, or even taking a kayak out on a glacier lake to witness the breathtaking expanse of mountain vistas, there is a gentle quiet that settles on the area this time of year.


An entrance to a cabin

Explore the charming window displays, warm your hands at an outdoor fire pit. Take in a play at the local theater in Bigfork. Most towns offer a place to purchase handmade gifts for your friends and family. Take pleasure in finding a unique treasure to share with those you love. Delight in the sparkling lights, the wonder of children. Partake in an impromptu snowball fight or sled race. Be filled with joy at the sound of children’s laughter and the sparkle of snow lying soft on the ground.

It’s a magical time of year. While the weather may be grey and dreary, the mountains loom dark and blue against the sky, the snow glistens white on the lacy branches of the evergreen, and winter berries pop red with cheer. Grab the hand of the one you love and walk down the lane as the sun begins to set and darkness steals the light. Then enjoy the twinkle of Christmas set on display in candles and finery as everything glows in color.

This is when you want to Enjoy Montana. When the crowds have dispersed and the warm hearts of a close-knit community beckon you to partake in the whimsy of a handmade holiday. Soft and real, full of fancy.  Take the time to reflect on your year and plan for all the years to come. Settle into one of our beautiful cabin rentals or vacation homes, away from the lists and to-dos, and take a minute to dream for you and your family. It’s a wonderful moment to live in holiday cheer.


Christmastime Vacation Rentals in Montana

It’s Christmas time in the Flathead Valley and all of the little towns nestled around Glacier National Park are decking their halls and stringing their twinkling lights. It’s a magical season and with so many wintry outdoor activities, delightful shopping, and fantastic dining locations it is sure to be an adventure worth sharing with your family. There are many exciting ways to celebrate the holidays, Enjoy Montana has prepared our vacation rentals for your convenience. Delight in freshly washed sheets, a well-stocked kitchen, fireplaces that come to life at the push of a button, staggering views, and glistening waters. With the expectation of family and the chaos of bringing children and relatives together, it is an ideal excuse to find a house that is dedicated to the needs of a large gathering. We have homes that feature playrooms, games, televisions, bar setups, and all of the makings for the perfect Christmas festivities. While you are decorating your fireplace and putting away your collectibles, check out how our beautiful homes may be the perfect answer for hosting a stress-free and relaxing celebration.

Bigfork has recently lit the lights on their bridge and with their featured storefronts selling delightful wares from local artisans, it is a charming location to visit to shop for the special people on your holiday list.  Make sure you stop in at the Montana Scene to collect your souvenirs that harken to the spirit of the Valley and highlight the culture that is so prevalent in our small towns. Electric Avenue Gifts is a great place to find whimsical treasures and home decor. Don’t forget to recharge with a pint and a hearty meal at the Flathead Lake Brewing Company. With lake views and seasonal ales, it’s a calming reprieve from the holiday bustle.

Nestled on the Northern Bay of Flathead Lake, Somers welcomes families to partake in sledding, ice fishing, and old-fashioned ice skating on the pond. There is something refreshing about drinking a hot cup of coffee while walking along the rippling waters of the lake. If you’re visiting Somers, be sure to stop at Sudden Rush Espresso for a handcrafted beverage and beautiful views. They’re located just off the highway in a drive-thru location making it ultra convenient to get your favorite drink. Somers Bay Cafe is a local favorite, they will welcome you with their bright murals painted around the building and great tasting menu. The Paul Bunyan sandwich is a must for lunch and you can’t go wrong with their eggs Benedict for breakfast.

Whether you are traveling to Montana to delight in the tall pine trees and fresh air or you’re embarking on a trip to connect with family, Enjoy Montana has a vacation rental that is excellently suited for your needs. Browse our beautiful homes and find the best cabin, lake house, or luxury retreat to make your holiday an occasion to cherish forever. Then bundle up and take a walk through the small town shopping centers or escape for a walk through the curving trails of one of our staggering national parks. Whatever you choose, our communities have embraced the glow and warmth of the season.


Why You Should Vacation in Kalispell

Kalispell property viewAs winter stirs its cold air through the Flathead Valley, the quaint town of Kalispell beckons visitors with it’s beautifully decorated downtown, ice skating, festivals, and walking trails. Kicking off the holiday season the day after Thanksgiving with sales at many of the local boutiques, and delightful treats warming the shelves at Cere’s Bakery, many families will fill the streets reveling in the magic of being together. Enjoy Montana boasts plenty of beautiful properties in close proximity to Kalispell, which offer a delightful reprieve for family coming for a visit. With so many exciting activities offered, we wanted to share a few of our favorites.

The Conrad Mansion will be decorated and ready to host guests looking to enjoy a step back in time. With its two-story Christmas tree and nativity scene housed in the gazebo, it’s a perfect excursion for families looking to embrace the magic of yesterday.

With many families looking for a special gift to give this year, a great place to explore is the Arts and Craftsmen of the Flathead Valley Christmas Show. Offering free parking and admission, as well as delicious food from local vendors, it is an excellent place to start your day. Unique and handcrafted gifts and wares will be available from a myriad of shops and local artisans. This is the best place to find that one of a kind gift for the person on your list who treasures quality.

The Art Walk and Holiday Stroll will begin the month of December with a beautiful shopping excursion through downtown Kalispell. Make sure you get your walking card and when you get twelve stamps you can turn it in to be entered into a drawing for gift certificates. It’s a wonderful opportunity to join friends and neighbors as they explore local businesses, enjoy sweet treats, and sip a hot mug of cider.

Be sure to take a moment to enjoy the tree lighting and caroling that will take place at 6:00 PM at Depot Park. Children will enjoy the lights and sweet sounds of the holiday.

The Christmas of the North Parade will be held December 9th at 5:00 PM. Don’t forget to save your place early! Santa Claus is expected to make an appearance and it is a long-held tradition for many families. Full of colorful floats and decorations with lively music and holiday fun, it is the perfect moment to embrace the traditional revelry of the holiday.

Kalispell Montana is a great place to enjoy many end-of-the-year celebrations. From delicious restaurants, local distilleries, holiday traditions, and museums, there are a lot of activities for families to experience. With vacation rentals ranging from lake homes to cabin rentals and everything in between, our properties are the perfect location to explore all that Kalispell and the Flathead Valley have to offer. We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.

The Perfect Vacation in Montana

glacier national parkThe quiet beauty of Glacier National Park is on full display at this time of year. A little magic takes place as the services shut down and visitors return to their busy schedules. The roadways are less congested, the paths resonate with the silence, and the soft whisper of wind through the branches sounds a melody for the few who venture into the park. Fall spreads it’s colored slowly from the west to the east side of the park with the full splendor displayed in October. Going the Sun road is the best way to navigate through the park, but it is closed in parts due to the changing of the season. Check with the local services before embarking on the drive, or plan to turn around knowing that you’ll still enjoy access to some trails and a delightful display of gold, red, orange, and the dark contrast of the evergreens.

With most of the park campsites and amenities shut down for the coming winter, it’s a great time to discover the luxury of a well-equipped Montana vacation rental. With hot showers, full kitchens, fire pits, and soft sheets, it’s the perfect reprieve from exploring all of the wonders of nature. All of our homes sit in proximity to the park while allowing visitors to experience the amenities that are a part of our thriving communities. Enjoy local festivals and wine tastings or explore a craft fair. There are a wide variety of activities available to our guests this time of year. In fact, it’s one of our very favorite times to call Montana home. All of the enchantment without the congestion of our busier months. We hope you’ll discover for yourself what a little wonder can do for your life.

As vacationers return to their homes, children to school and sports, parents to the demands of their jobs, the animals begin to take back their wilderness. The deer gingerly step closer to the water, the fish swim in large schools near the shore, the beers fill their stomachs with the last of the berries, and the birds fly low on the winds. If you love the untouched wilderness and prefer to pull a jacket close around your shoulders while you walk down a quiet lane observing the reverent whimsy of the frontier, this is your time to enjoy Montana.

Our many properties sit waiting, checkered blankets drape over an overstuffed chair and the golden light sets across the wide plank floors. Books fill the shelves and fires wait to be started. The cooling temperatures beckon to woolen hats and loose scarves. Soft grass invites games of tag and catch, or the romance of a picnic set soft against the setting sun. It’s a fascinating time to invest in yourself, your family, and your future; by experiencing the awe inspired by autumn.

The Beauty of Flathead Valley’s Vacation Rentals

Flathead LakeAs the harvest season fully embraces the Flathead Valley, pumpkins are popping up on doorsteps, the leaves are changing their hues to a deep red and gold, and the air is growing delightfully sweet. It is a favorite season for many as it invites the community to build friendships while sipping hot apple cider and browsing local artisan wares at one of the many bazaar and craft fairs. Check off your Christmas lists while you browse the many wonders that fill our storefronts. Our vacation properties are beckoning you to come and take part in all that this time of year has to offer.

The pumpkin patches are full of bright orange gourds and tall corn mazes. Those who are more daring can test their bravery in a haunted house or even a spooky barn. Hayrides are a great way to get in the spirit of the holiday and spend some time exploring the beautiful scenery that fills the colorful vistas.

Autumn is best enjoyed in the rich fruits and vegetables that fill the many farmsteads at the farmers market. Many of the restaurants feature farm to table fare that is spiced with the sweet aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. It is a delightful time to explore the rich wonders of the culinary treasures that sparkle in the Flathead Valley.

This time of year tends to invite visitors to experience through their senses. Whether it is the air perfumed with the sweet smell of an afternoon shower, the crackle of fire as it burns bright under the night sky, or the rich flavor of freshly baked apple muffins; there is a myriad of aromas that make their way into the season’s festivities.

Investigate some of the local distilleries and wineries that are tucked into the quaint towns surrounding Flathead Lake. Beginning with small operations that have grown to win many national competitions they are receiving greater attention. Each unique operation boasts rich liquors and wines that are highlighted by the flavors instilled from the valley. It’s a great time to pick up some gifts to give for the holidays.

It is a wonderful time of year to bring your family and delight in one of our perfectly prepared vacation rentals. Each home is curated to provide your comforts and welcome you to enjoy this enchanting season. From pumpkin patches to horse-drawn carriages, golf courses to five-star restaurants, hiking adventures to scenic byways, there is something for everyone to fall in love with in the Flathead Valley. Book your secret hideaway and pack your bags to invest in yourself and take some time to relax before the holiday to-dos fill your list and take your time.